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Tirelessly Fighting For Your Rights After A Drug-Related Charge

Some people charged with drug crimes have chemical dependency problems and need treatment. Others have been caught up in circumstances involving others who committed illegal acts, such as a spouse, a college roommate or a friend driving or riding along in the same car. Some have been targeted in drug busts triggered by plea bargains by offenders who testified against their friends, roommates or family members in exchange for lighter sentences. Whatever your position and whatever the details of your case, your need for skilled criminal defense is urgent and acute after a drug crime arrest.

At The Cantú Law Firm in Laredo, I represent clients in a variety of drug crime cases, from possession to trafficking. As a former prosecutor, I understand both sides of the criminal justice system. Having prosecuted hundreds of drug crime cases from the government’s perspective, I have a direct insight into the tactics and strategies the state will use against you. I use this experience to zealously represent my clients against all types of drug charges.

All Drug Charges Require A Strong Defense

Texas punishes drug crimes harshly. A first-time offender may face up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine for a felony conviction. The severity of the punishment depends on your criminal history, the type of drug involved, the amount and the activity. Possession will have a lesser sentence than trafficking or distributing but will still leave a permanent mark on your criminal record.

As with all criminal charges, the term drug crimes encompasses a wide range of offenses, including:

  • Possession of a small quantity of marijuana for personal use
  • Possession of small amounts of cocaine or other “street drugs”
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of prescription drugs such as painkiller narcotics without a prescription
  • Possession of any controlled substance with intent to sell
  • Distribution of a controlled substance
  • Manufacturing methamphetamine
  • Cultivating marijuana
  • Large-scale drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy to commit any of the above-mentioned offenses

To avoid a damaging drug conviction on your criminal record, you need a strong defense attorney who will fearlessly advocate for you. I understand that there are two sides to every story. At The Cantú Law Firm, I will work with you directly to develop a defense strategy that takes your side into consideration.

Understanding USC 841 And USC 846

U.S. Code 841 concerns the creation or manufacture of a controlled substance and the distribution of a controlled substance. The law organizes controlled substances into five categories known as schedules. The drugs in each schedule are organized based on the potential for addiction or abuse and whether there is a an accepted medical use for the drug. Schedule I drugs have no medical use and are highly addictive while Schedule V drugs are commonly used in the medical field and have little or no potential for addiction.

To prove guilt in drug possession and distribution cases, the government must prove actual possession and/or that the accused intended to distribute the controlled substance. Penalties include fines and jail time that are highest for Schedule I drugs and vary based on the amount of the controlled substance involved.

U.S. Code 846 concerns crimes where two or more people work together to commit a crime. This law is commonly invoked in cases that involve the distribution of a controlled substance.

Working Together To Protect Your Future

After a drug-related arrest, you need to get started on your case as soon as possible. I will help you develop a dynamic defense to help you stay out of jail, protect your criminal record and guard your freedom. Contact me by calling 956-468-3589 or completing my online contact form to get in touch.