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DUI/DWI Charges Are A Serious Matter. The Cantu Law Firm Can Help.

A DUI arrest is a frightening event for an alleged first-time offender. People facing a first offense DUI conviction have often had no previous interactions with law enforcement. Many have no real drinking problem, but were stopped after a wedding, graduation party or company party where champagne was served or appeared impaired because of the effects of legal prescription medications. Suddenly, a criminal record for the first time is a real possibility.

Drunk driving charges are also very serious for alleged repeat offenders. A second, third or fourth DUI conviction often leads to jail time, high-dollar penalties and revocation of one’s driver’s license.

A Two-Faceted Legal Challenge: Criminal Charges And A Department Of Motor Vehicles Matter With Possible Driver’s License Suspension Or Revocation

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime. It can result in jail time, fees, other penalties and a criminal record. It can also lead to suspension or revocation of driving privileges. Loss of one’s driver’s license and a misdemeanor or felony on record can mean a person cannot get to work — or get a job.

Regardless of the circumstances, the wheels of the criminal justice system start turning once a DUI arrest occurs. Prompt legal representation can make a great difference in the outcome after your first-time or repeat offense DUI/DWI arrest in South Texas.

Keep Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Or Personal Driver’s License — Contact An Attorney

A skilled attorney investigates thoroughly in search of the most effective defense in each case:

  • Did the police stop you without justification?
  • Did the police neglect to inform you of your rights?
  • Was the Breathalyzer test potentially invalid for legal or mechanical reasons?
  • Were roadside sobriety tests potentially unreliable measures of your condition?
  • Did the police fail to present convincing evidence that you were impaired?
  • Do the charges not match up with the facts?
  • Is your agreement to address any alcohol dependency problem a good reason for a judge to keep you out of jail and give you a second chance?
  • Are you a strong candidate for an occupational driver’s license or for a license, conditional on use of an ignition interlock device?

Every DUI case is unique and presents its own opportunities for a successful defense. These questions highlight various issues that may come to light through a detailed evaluation of your charges. The first step is to call The Cantu Law Firm in Laredo, Texas, at 956-290-9543 or send an online request to speak with a lawyer.

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