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Drug Offenses Attorney in Laredo, Texas

In Your Defense After an Arrest Alleging Drug Crimes

As with all criminal charges, the term “drug crimes” encompasses a wide range of offenses, including:

  • Possession of a small quantity of marijuana for personal use

  • Possession of small amounts of cocaine or other “street drugs”

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

  • Possession of prescription drugs such as painkiller narcotics without a prescription

  • Possession of any controlled substance with intent to sell

  • Distribution of a controlled substance

  • Manufacturing methamphetamines

  • Cultivating marijuana

  • Large-scale drug trafficking

  • Conspiracy to commit any of the above-mentioned offenses

Advocacy When You Need it Most

Individual Circumstances Differ but In All Cases a Strong Defense Is Essential

Some people charged with drug crimes have chemical dependency problems and need treatment. Others have been caught up in circumstances involving other people who committed illegal acts: a spouse, a college roommate, or a friend driving or riding along in the same car. Some have been targeted in drug busts triggered by plea bargains by offenders who testified against their friends, roommates, or family members in exchange for lighter sentences.

Whatever your position and whatever the details of your case, your need for skilled criminal defense is urgent and acute after a drug crime arrest.

Attorney Abundio Rene Cantù in Laredo, Texas, has abundant experience on both sides of the criminal justice system. He began his legal career as an assistant district attorney, handling hundreds of drug crime cases from the government’s perspective. As a private defense lawyer, he zealously represents those who face criminal charges for the first time — or repeat drug offense charges.

Schedule a consultation to get your case evaluation started and develop a dynamic strategy for your defense. Stay out of jail — protect your clean record — guard your freedom and your future with all your might. Call or send an email inquiry through this website.

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