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Using My Experience To Provide Tailored Representation

If you are facing a criminal charge, your life and livelihood may be at risk. You need an attorney who will team up with you to protect your freedom and interests. I am attorney Abundio Rene Cantu, and I represent clients throughout Southern Texas in criminal defense cases.

After earning my law degree at Texas Southern University, I served as an assistant district attorney, working on a variety of criminal cases, from minor marijuana offenses to major trafficking crimes. I later served as a prosecutor for the 49th Judicial District of Texas, giving me valuable experience that I use to help defend my clients today. Having seen both sides of the criminal justice system, I know the approach the government will take in your case. I use this first-hand knowledge to develop tailored legal strategies for your unique case. As a bilingual attorney, I can assist clients in both English and Spanish.

Helping You Find The Most Promising Way Forward

My experience as a prosecutor gives me a unique insight into how a criminal conviction can impact every facet of your life. I am well-educated on the immigration consequences for legal permanent residents and visa holders when convicted of a crime.

I can help you with a variety of legal concerns, including:

At The Cantú Law Firm, I believe that your story is important. When I meet with you, I will take the time to listen to your story and concerns. I will then work with you to develop a legal strategy tailored to your best interests. Every case is unique and requires individualized review and investigation to determine the most promising way forward.

Let’s Work Together On Your Legal Strategy

If you face a criminal conviction, you don’t have time to waste. I understand how overwhelming the legal process can be. When you work with me at The Cantú Law Firm, I will walk you through the process and provide valuable support at every step. To schedule a consultation, call me at 956-468-3589 or fill out the online contact form. I represent clients in Laredo, Houston, San Antonio and McAllen.