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The Most Important Consideration In Criminal Defense: Protecting People From Criminal Records

What To Do If You Are Under Investigation Or Have Been Stopped Or Arrested:

  • Do not give statements to the police or investigators before talking to an attorney.
  • Remember you have the right to remain silent.
  • Resist the temptation to talk your case over with a friend or family member before consulting a lawyer.
  • Find an attorney with experience, confidence and dedication to helping clients put their long-term best interests as the highest priority.

At The Cantu Law Firm, you will find a skilled defense attorney ready to represent you in the face of criminal charges such as:

  • DUI/DWI: Drunk driving charges are some of the most common to “catch” people with no prior criminal record.
  • Drug offenses: Charges may range from possession to manufacture, distribution, sales and trafficking involving organized crime.
  • Assault, domestic violence, sex crimes and kidnapping fall under the general classification of “violent crimes.” Like DUI charges, these charges often pull in first-time alleged offenders, as well as repeat offenders.
  • Theft, forgery, embezzlement or money laundering.
  • Computer crimes, such as ID theft and child pornography.
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault and soliciting minors.
  • Prostitution and promotion of prostitution.
  • Weapons offenses, such as gun trafficking or felon in possession.
  • Federal crimes: Many of the criminal categories listed above may trigger federal criminal charges when factors such as the use of weapons are taken into account.
  • Immigration infractions, including smuggling immigrants, and aiding and abetting criminal offenses of this kind.
  • Juvenile crimes: Falling under the family code; representation of minors focused on protecting young people’s futures — addressing problems and consequences early, and as necessary, seeking expungement of juvenile records.

What To Expect After An Arrest

Depending on the unique facts and circumstances of your criminal case, you may face a chain of events something like this after you have been arrested:

  • Post bond to get out of jail
  • Cooperate with your attorney in investigating the case
  • Collaborate with your lawyer on strategies to use in negotiations with the prosecutor
  • Go to court for arraignment (explanation of your charges)
  • Plead guilty, plead innocent or enter into a plea bargain
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor in pursuit of the most favorable outcome attainable in your case, such as: charges dismissed, charges reduced, probation or deferred judgment with contingencies such as completing drug abuse therapy or anger management
  • Try the case if no agreement with the prosecutor is satisfactory
  • If there is a conviction, appeal and/or negotiate with the judge to reduce or eliminate jail time

At every step of the way, your Texas criminal defense attorney’s job is to protect your constitutional rights and advocate zealously on your behalf in support of your future.

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